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Festivals in Crete island:

Crete island is famous for the amazing panigiria that take place all year round in the villages of the island. These panigiria are considered a perfect sample of group gatherings in the square, with dancings that last till the early hours.

Religious feasts & festivals

August 15th August 15th is the largest religious festival in Crete island, on the occasion of the Dormition of Virgin Mary. Almost all villages have a chapel dedicated to Virgin Mary and organize panigiria that day. The most popular panigiria on August 15th are in the Monastery of Panagia Chrissoskalitissa in Chania and in the Byzantine church of Panagia Kera in Lassithi.

April 23rd
On April 23rd, the feast of Agios Georgios is celebrated. Particularly large festivals are organized in Asi Gonia Chania and Plakias in Rethymno.

August 25th
On August 25th, there is a large feast for Saint Titus in Heraklion Town. Saint Titus was the first bishop of Crete and is considered the protector of the island.

Cultural events

There are many carnival celebrations in Crete island, including musical concerts, carnival parades and old customs that revive that days. The most popular carnivals take place in Rethymno Town, Herakion Town and Sitia.

Houdetsi Festival
This is 4 day celebration of music, food and art that takes place in the village of Houdetsi, 23 km south of Heraklion Town. This festival is organized by Ross Daly as a continuation of the Labyrinth Musical Workshop.

Matala Festival
This is an international festival that usually takes place in June in Matala. It is like a trip in the past, with music, art and literature from 1960 to 1970, the era of the hippies.

Wine Festival
Wine festivals are organized every summer in many Crete villages. Particularly popular is the wine festival in Anogia.